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Zhejiang Denim New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Denim New Materials-Focus on low-carbon green human settlement business with innovative technology.
Zhejiang Denem is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of Class A non-combustible decorative materials and the design, production and sales of assembled wall partition systems.
The company has a D & M assembled wall and wall R & D center, a D & M assembled wall and wall processing integration center, a D & A A-grade non-combustible inorganic fiberboard production base, and has operations in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Chongqing center.
Denim Assembly Wall R & D Center:
Committed to the research and development of assembled wall technology, and strive to become the most outstanding leader in assembled wall technology. It integrates the R & D, design, application and manufacturing of interior industrial assembly wall technology and special hardware. It is committed to taking technical support as the leading factor, assembly technology as the core, industrial collaboration as the drive, lean manufacturing as the tool, and providing customers with indoor Industrial assembly system solution for the whole space.
Denim Assembly Integration Center:
Equipped with perfect and advanced intelligent plates and hardware processing production lines, it provides a powerful guarantee for industrial assembly.
Denim sheet production base:
The main research and development and production of A-class non-combustible-inorganic fiber ecological board, inorganic fiber antibacterial board, and other major series of products. The series of products have passed the appraisal of the national authority and have been identified as "green building materials selection products", which are widely used in hospitals, schools, hotels and other public places.
Denem is committed to creating an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy living environment. It is committed to low-carbon production and develops green and environmentally friendly A-grade non-combustible high-quality facing panels; Denem assembled wall and wall system development have Energy saving and environmental protection, long life cycle, recyclable, meet the coordination and sustainable development of people, buildings and natural environment, and contribute to the creation of green, environmentally friendly and comfortable living space for human beings.

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